Non-Ridden Adult Retreat Camp

When: Saturday 28th of August 2021 @ 05:00 PM

£50 per ticket (4 tickets remaining)

Looking for space to practice mindfulness with your horse? This weekend adult retreat camp will include natural horsemanship, reiki touch for health, massage for you and your horse, arts and crafts, as well as pilates, and mindfulness and meditation sessions. The camp itinerary will be available nearer the time but all the sessions involve sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment, this includes sessions with and without your horse. There will be no ridden elements to this camp as we concentrate fully on our relationship with ourselves and our horses. All meals are provided throughout your stay and all you will need is a tent or you can sleep in your lorry to make this stunning location your sanctuary for the weekend.  We have hot showers and toilets for your use. A deposit of £50 is payable to secure your place and then the remaining balance of £250 will be billed to you via your email address.