Rehabilitation and Training

Dodderhill Equestrian Rehabilitation & Training Services


Here at Dodderhill Equestrian we pride ourselves on providing the very best care for the horses that reside here and also for those that come along in need of specialist services and treatments. We offer a tailor made service depending on your specific requirements and work closely with a team of Farriers, Vet Physios, Sacral Cranial specialists, Osteopaths, Energy Healers, Aroma therapists, Kinesiology & taping specialists and Bowen and Communication specialists, who can all help in the successful rehabilitation of your horse. We are fortunate to have MacArthur, Barstow & Gibbs Veterinary Practice working here on site, but we are happy to work alongside your own vet to unlock temperament issues, the horses’ way of going or post-surgery rehabilitation and care.

We can offer indoor stables at our centre with access to a sand and fibre indoor arena, we also have numerous paddocks and secure working areas.

We have an Equissage pad here for use as required, which improves blood circulation, stimulates soft tissue, improves joint mobility and removes harmful toxins. We also promote rubber feeding platforms.



At Dodderhill Equestrian training is our speciality! We have extensive input to the training of many horses and strive to teach pro-active ground work and relaxation methods to really bring out the best in them. We have strong ties with natural horsemanship trainers and also with traditional trainers and we will work with you to find the best method for your horse. We view every case as individual and work with you to find solutions to behaviour related, learnt, common and complex issues as well as underlying emotional issues that manifest as unacceptable behaviours. Take a look at the testimonials on our Facebook page which showcase a small representation of our success stories. You can find them here at, alternatively use the contact us page here on the website for a chat.